This year, we both joined our school’s tennis team for the spring. It was pretty fun (although super tiring at times). Luckily we had coaches who were patient with us since we weren’t that good. We definitely improved, though and that is all that matters. The best thing we did during tennis (when we weren’t doing actual tennis) was go on rope swings and have water fights.¬†The first match we played was doubles and we won! The score was 6-3 and we are so proud of ourselves. It was a cool experience and we might even do it again next year. ūüôā


Picture from Vladsinger



Summer is one of the best months of the year. Going swimming, chilling with friends, but best of all no school. In the summer everyone wants to look cute, so here are some cute outfits that anyone could rock.


The first idea is a simple shorts and tee look. The shorts are from H&M and are $17.99. For the shirt you can pair anything. But we think it would be cute to pair this red/orange shirt from American Eagle for $19.95. This outfit it very casual and can be worn to many places over the summer.





The second idea is more formal. Dresses are very cute for summer and are great choices for nice events. Here are two different options. On the left there is a green or grey colored maxi dress. It is from Forever 21 and it is $17.90. The dress on the right it from Aeropostale and is a very cute dress. We think this dress would be great for the beach. The dress costs $16.00.



The last clothing idea is a bathing suit. If you love to swim in the summer this idea is for you! The first one (on the left) is from American Eagle and it is $23.47. It is a really cute one piece that would be great for playing in the pool. The one on the right is a two piece option. It would be great for the beach and you could pair it with almost any bottom. It is from American Eagle and is $19.97.



We Hope you enjoyed this post! We hope you have an AMAZING SUMMER!!!

xoxo Jane and Anna




Every year we go up to a house by our favorite ski area called Catamount. The house we stay at is a really cool modern looking cabin. We love it because it’s very warm, cosy and comfortable inside. When we go there our favorite thing is to go skiing, but the shops are ¬†fun to see as well. We are both pretty good skiers, although Jane is far better. There are so many ski trails that we enjoy and it’s an overall great experience. We have so much fun when we go there..the best part is we get to stay up super late. One time we went to bed at 4:00 in the morning! This past year when we¬†went we did not get to go skiing ¬†since it was not cold enough for Catamount to make artificial snow. Even though we didn’t ski we still had a lot of fun! We went shopping, saw a movie, had AMAZING food and so much more! This past time was our third year there, and it was special because¬†two of our best friends Julian and Sebastian came to the ski house and had a sleepover with us. We enjoyed having a snowball fight with them and eating LOTS¬†of snacks. Hopefully next year we can go when there is snow and invite our friends too!



This photo is from a diner we always go to. When we were there we got milkshakes and chicken nuggets which was awesome. We love that diner because the food there is really good and nice service. We always are excited to try new food and go to new places, which (most of the time) are excellent.


Last week, we took a school trip to a Nature Education Center called Nature’s Classroom in Massachusetts. We stayed there Monday-Thursday and had tons of fun! Anyway, we both took a class called Healthy Eating. In this class, we learned about GMOs and ways they affect people. We also made strawberry,¬†banana smoothies and sun butter cookie ball snacks. Here is the recipe for the cookie balls…

For this treat, you will need:

-1 cup of oats

-1/2 cup of sun butter

-1 tbs of honey

-1/2 cup of chocolate chips

-1 tsp of vanilla extract


It may not sound the best, but trust us when we say it was DELICIOUS. And if you want a nice drink to go with it, we recommend a smoothie. This is how we made the strawberry-banana smoothies at Nature’s Classroom:

-2 cups of strawberries

-1 peeled banana

-1 cup of orange juice

-1 cup of yoghurt

-1 tbs of honey


We hope you enjoyed this!